Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hippity Hoppity...

...Easter's on it's way! But there's still plenty of time to make cards, and plenty of Eyelet Outlet Brads to make them extra special! Here's my first Easter card of 2020:

My card features Rabbit Brads, Colored Egg Brads, Stitched Flower Brads with Mini Leaves, Sun and Cloud Brads, plus a couple of Mini Butterflies. But there are many more varieties, including Easter Bubble BradsChocolate Bunnies, Pastel Rabbits (currently on sale!), un-dyed Egg Brads, and even Bacon, Egg and Toast Brads which aren't very Eastery but go nicely with the Eggs! Something super-cute which might emerge from an egg is an adorable tiny Chick Brad... coming soon to the EO Store!

There's something for everyBUNNY at Eyelet Outlet! ♥

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