Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A Very Washi Xmas

I love tape. I love wide tape and skinny tape, glitter tape and foil tape; but my favorite thing about tape is that all you need to do to make a fast, fabulous and completely custom holiday card (or two lol!) is combine a few of your favorite styles and maybe add an Eyelet Outlet Brad or some bling and you are DONE! ♥

This week I am crushing on the new wide Santa Washi Tape which comes in two colorways. My first card features what I'd call the default style, with a sort of winter sunset background. I flanked it with Skinny Star Tape and Blue Marble Tape, then added a bunch of fancy new Snowflake Bling. The sentiment is a single repeat from our Merry Christmas Tape, trimmed into a little flag and matted on a scrap of red cardstock.

We also have Santa Washi in Green, the green being a reference to the pistachio background behind The Big Guy. In this version, I built a sort of chimney from wide Brick Washi, and let Santa emerge from the top of it. I added a row of Poinsettia Brads for extra texture and once again my sentiment is a one specific section of Christmas Tape. You'll notice that both cards are built atop a simple graph design, which is partly because I like that sort of paper but also... if you're going to apply a bunch of washi tape and don't love measuring, a patterned paper with a strong straight horizontal line is *very* helpful! 

If you need to make a bunch of cards, but don't love "mass producing" why not gather up all your tapes and see how many uniquely beautiful backgrounds you can make in just a few minutes?


  1. WOW! I just found your blog [yesterday] and decided I liked it; so glad I did!!! You have now shown me your love of washi and I'm gonna dig around in mine to see if I can layer several to make my cards. Until now I have purchased tapes but never used them. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!!


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