Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Did Someone Order Breakfast?

Because I have two yummy Breakfast ATC's for you that contain zero fat, cholesterol or calories. They feature the awesome Bacon, Egg and Toast Brad Set from Eyelet Outlet!

I love making Artist Trading Cards, the official dimensions of which are the same as a playing card: 2.5 x 3.5". I'll tell you a secret... most of my ATC's (including these) are made directly on top of a playing card from an old deck that's missing a few cards, which gives me a nice strong substrate on which to work. I made the Toaster ATC first. It features two pieces of Toast from the Bacon, Egg and Toast set plus some pink hearts from the super-useful Multicolor Enamel Hearts set. I used a strip of Skinny Washi to create a horizon line behind the toaster.

In case you're wondering what happened to the Eggs and Bacon from the set, my second card contains the answer, lol. Again I've used Skinny Heart Washi to divide two layers of patterned paper. For the record, the idea for my cracked egg was stolen from (AHEM) I mean inspired by (that's better!) my fellow EO designer Kim Venezia of Katydid Cards. She made this awesome pair of cards that use the Egg Brads with the Bacon, Egg and Toast set as well as our own EO Breakfast Stamps last June!

Wishing you an EGG-cellent day with all of your favorite treats! ♥


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