Tuesday, September 18, 2018

welcome home

we're celebrating our roots this week at shopping our stash. for "welcome home" we'd like you to create something using items that represent where you live; or maybe where you come from? i grew up pennsylvania, but have lived in central new jersey for my entire married life ...which is coming up on 33 years next week!!! most people from my home town consider philadelphia their city, but for me it has always been new york. and i'm now lucky enough to live within walking distance of a commuter train into manhattan, which is really quite a nice thing.* so my card is entirely new york centric:

view of central park south with boat pond in foreground, the small statue of liberty photo and a bit of text with tourist advice all cut from out of date nyc guide books which i collect at garage sales; suatelier nyc-themed stickers and diecut navy blue deco tape are actually from the ink pad ♥; cloud washi is a retired eyelet outlet product, the tiny hearts tape is from lawn fawn i think; all of the tapes are stuck on top of an old nj transit commuter train schedule; numerals were sized in outline form in a text document using "impact" font, printed on plain cardstock and used as templates on scraps of prima patterned paper from the "havana" line; slide mount and sheet music from my stash of vintage goodies; ink: colorbox; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, scotch gluestick, 3m foam tape; we r memory keepers corner rounder; this design was built on a 4x6" vintage (but ugly) pc, so the back has the dividing line, stamp holder, and a bit of text about the original photo which was of some rather unattractive carvings in a church somewhere in france... 

you may be wondering why there's a big "20" in the center of my design? i confess it's because i did a bit of creative multitasking, and actually made this to also be my entry in the ink pad's 20th anniversary postcard contest! i haven't known anna chiang for quite as long as that, but we've been friends for a good decade, and i wanted to join the celebration of that awesome store! i confess i was excited when i saw that my card was in the midpoint reminder FB post about the contest. and i was quite amazed that on the day it ran, two different friends messaged me to say they were sure card with the vintage slidemount MUST be mine! :) :) :) thus, i'm showing the pic in question; and also because although i never show the envelopes i mail or hand to my card recipients, they are often decorated, and i was pretty happy that my rainbow stamped envie made it into the shot! for once, i added lots of detail to the back of the card, as well, but of course i forgot to take a pic of that. dang.

be sure to check out all of the amazing projects from the design team darlings at SOS and then get cracking on your own "home" work! ♥

*though you would probably not envy our traffic. or our property taxes.  


  1. Lauren, this awesome card is so totally representative of that fabulous city, as always, your attention to detail is out of this world. The slide of the Statue of Liberty is priceless, just beautiful.
    Awesome as always.

  2. Awesome card, love all the little things that make up NY, now I'm not big on the city but love the upper NY state. Lake Placid and all the gorgeous scenery.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh this is a fab fab project!
    I have been to NYC twice and LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!
    If we end up travelling to New Jersey this fall as planned, I will be sure to let you know...would be awesome to "meet up"

  4. Great work, as usual. I love your collages and this one hits all the high points. Growing up in Philadelphia, trips to NYC were just what you did. My parents spent a lot of time in Harlem on their nights out! Wonderful tribute to NYC!

  5. Gorgeous collage of "you doing you!" I can always spot your work as well-- isn't that the best? Your work is so recognizable! Ahhh... New York. Fabulous.

  6. I thought this might be yours when I saw it in the InkPad window, great way to combine the postcard entry with Shopping your Stash. I love it, it is so very NYC. Cx


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