Wednesday, September 5, 2018

down on the farm (part two)

Last Autumn I made a set of Farm Animal Artist Trading Cards to celebrate the release of our adorable Eyelet Outlet Cow and Goat, Pig and Sheep and Rooster Brads. Recently it occurred to me that I'd left out the Duck Brads and it was a shame the Horse and Pony Brads hadn't been available yet. So I thought I'd go back and fill in the blanks!

ATC's are traditionally the size of a standard playing card, which is 2.5 x 3.5". These ATC's are, in fact, built on top of actual playing cards. Because they are quite sturdy, plastic coated, and really there isn't much else to do with a deck when you've lost or damaged one of the cards!

Each ATC in this set features a base of ledger paper, an appropriate dictionary definition, and a strip of Red Dot Washi plus some Skinny Gold Tape

But the real stars are the Animal Brads, which I've framed up in some vintage slide mounts. You can build a little scene right on top of the image, but generally I remove the original photograph and adhere the cardboard mount to some sturdy patterned paper. Then I set my brads within the window, which is a perfect size to show them off!

In this second set I've featured the Horse and Pony Brads (which combine a mix of two colors of adult horse, plus adorable foals), Duck Brads, Llama Brads, Trout from the Trout and Bass Brads and Sketched Owls which I think are one of the prettiest designs we have.

I made all of the short, punny sentiments with my old school Dymo labelmaker, having recently found Dymo brand tape for sale at Target, of all places! (There are other brands of tape that fit the Dymo, but they don't all STICK like Dymo, and I'll never experiment again, no matter how pretty the colors are!)

I hope you'll be inspired to make some fun ATC's featuring your favorite Eyelet Outlet Brads and Washi Tape!


  1. love the puns such fun for these ATC's.

  2. Love these wee works of art!! The farm animals are great!I love the horses! Love the sentiments used too.

  3. Fabulous farmy artwork! It would look great as a collection on a wall, too, for home decor! Beautifully done.


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