Monday, March 5, 2018

because llamas LOVE pizza. fact.

recently i subscribed to pipsticks sticker club, and i have to tell you that there is just something so cool about getting stickers in the mail once a month. i am instantly 10 years old again, lol. i confess that part of my decision to sign up was based on the fact that i enjoy making sticker mandalas. mine are not a patch on these, by erica of honestly wtf --or on lauren vardell's amazing sticker art for that matter-- but i love making them, and with "extra" stickers on hand, i'm bound to get more practice, right?!

flower mandala
i used an entire 4x6" sheet of flower stickers AND all of the hearts leftover from the two mandalas below, and the leftover cherry blossoms from the kokeshi mandala. there is something soooooo weirdly AWESOME about using the whole sheet of stickers at one time. 
or maybe that's just me... nevermind...

kokeshi mandala
i love these kokeski doll stickers more than any others in this post, and yet this is my least favorite mandala. i think there isn't quite enough definition in the rounds or something? i'm not sure. but the fact that i didn't love this one, led me to add all the doodles in the flower one, so there's that. plus... the stickers really are just. so. cuuuuuuuuuute.
another great thing about subscribing to a sticker club: it would never have occurred to me to purchase llama stickers. or tiny speech bubbles. and yet... look how awesome they are TOGETHER. bonus moment: i have had several sheets of these tiny circle alphas for yeeeeeeeeears and never knew what to do with them. but obviously they are the perfect thing for placing punny sentiments around the outside of a manda-LLAMA. chalk one up for never throwing anything out, eh?!? (ok, yeah, it's kind of a mixed blessing.)

i hope this monday is treating you pretty well so far, but if not, try to take a little time later to make something silly and FUN, just for yourself. it will improve matters hugely, i promise!


  1. Can't decided what I love more, your post title or you calling the last one a manda-llama. One thing's for sure though...the mandalas are all awesome!!

  2. Just a 100% happy post. I should just bookmark this to all home screens on all devices for a pick me up any time! 😃


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