Sunday, December 18, 2016

hand lettering round up

i haven't had a lot of time for free-style art... or blogging for that matter, lol. but i try to sneak a bit in here and there:

@letteringbymhel and @inkcitra are the hostesses 
of the #WinterLetteringChallenge on instagram, 
which is really fun and inspiring; i've been watching more 
than i've actually participated so far, but that's ok.

and her videos really do make you feel like 
OF COURSE you can do that too! :)

@letteringbybeth did a little illustration of xmas lights 
that i just had to try for myself!

on two successive nights my entire handlettering output 
consisted of putting names on envelopes... 
but at least i got to try out a few more instagram-inspired 
lettering styles, like the knitted sweater and gradient letters!

finally, to show how long it's been since i did an IG update, here's a bit of lettering from *THANKSGIVING*!!!

i'm sure you're as consumed as i am with holiday prep, but i still hope this sunday finds you sneaking in a tiny bit of creative "me" time!!! ♥♥♥


  1. Love to see your stuff... ahh, that creative imagination of yours.
    I love "Janet"... LOL, not *your* Janet, but your rendition of her name!

  2. Fabulous work, I can't even write evenly let alone letter design.


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