Monday, November 21, 2016

strive for five...

today's mandala monday offering has a full day's serving of vitamin c, and enough BRIGHT COLOR to wake up even the most dedicated sleepy heads. see:

fruit salad
most of the time i cannot tell you where my ideas come from, but in this case i do actually know; my facebook friend lenna andrews drew some lemons and blueberries in her sketchbook last week, and my first thought was, "i should draw a fruit mandala!" which i doodled on an envelope while i was on the phone, and later drew a "real" one in my sketchbook that i colored with tombows.

(i'm telling you, i could not possibly make these things up, lol!)

square mandala 1
i have no idea what inspired me, earlier in the week, to try to draw a SQUARE mandala...
(which kind of looks like a castle, with battlements!)

square mandala 2
...the same mysterious force prompted me to have another go the next night. using white, gold and copper gel pens, on a kraft background.
(this one looks a bit like an aerial view of machu picchu!)

white on black
even earlier in the week, i had drawn a fairly ordinary mandala, using a white gel pen, in my black sketchbook. in retrospect, it's by far the most sensible thing i drew last week, lol! ♥


  1. PERFECT TIMING! I just included a link to your post citing mandalas last night!!! We're having the psychic connection again (remember the pink dogwoods on Instagram last spring?) Xo, love the fruit mandala

    1. Actually the link is to your blog, not this post... the post is just so timely!

  2. Loving the fruit mandela...but am completely wowed by the white on black! You are amazing!


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