Monday, November 14, 2016

mandala mania?

yes, i do draw, paint, and use stickers for OTHER THINGS! but i always come back to mandalas, they are definitely a "go to", especially in my sketchbook. here are a few that somehow never got blogged yet:

it's been a while since i drew a mandala with no plans to color it; kind of makes me focus more on the lines...

on the other hand, color burst and mandalas go really well together!

on the other other hand, paint pens on black paper are quel dramatique, non??

but then, colored markers are also fun!

before i made the sticker mandalas for my eyelet outlet post last week, i had a bit of a practice go...

and while i was thinking about my SOS card, i couldn't resist playing with some of my other teeny tiny stickers... in this case adorable kokeshi dolls!

should you feel the need to see EVEN MORE mandalas, some of which were not even made by me (!!!) i've updated my "many mandalas" board at pinterest.* so what's *YOUR* favorite "go to" subject? the thing that you just can't seem to resist doing one more time?

*my pinterest boards would easily have two or three times as many pins and would be updated infinitely more often if every photo i liked on pinterest was linked to the original art or post it references. but the sad fact is, an awful lot of good, kind, responsible people re-pin uncredited photos. pleeeeeeeeeease don't do that, at least not to your public boards. thank you, i appreciate it! ♥


  1. You are the mandala queen! My go to subject appears to be deer at the moment but it changes on a whim, I appear to be rather fickle! Deb xo

  2. Awesome mandalas and you know how much I LOVE your beautiful pieces. #3 is my fav. with #1 a very close second. but that is only if I was rating them.

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