Thursday, September 1, 2016

*WHERE* did august go??!

is it just me, or did the summer FLY by at a dizzying speed? i've been treated to gorgeous niece and nephew "back-to-school" pics all week and last night the paper anthology september newsletter landed in my inbox, signalling that today is SEPTEMBER FIRST... yikes! i've got two new classes coming up in september and october, that i'll be teaching three times each, so if you're in or around central new jersey, be sure to check out the dates and times on the paper anthology website! oh and be sure to look at the other classes on offer, because as usual, georgia and elisabeth have brought their "A" game! (actually, i don't think either of those ladies even have-- or need-- a "B" game, they are always working at the very top level!)

meanwhile, here's what i'll be teaching:

love me and leaf me gift bags
(why yes, i *DO* write my own titles, however did you guess, lol?!) which we'll have a blast playing with color burst pigment powders and vintage text paper, then diecut the results into gorgeous autumn leaves we'll use to decorate a couple of gift bags.

lettering tips and tricks

...obviously no one can make you a hand-lettering expert in three hours... BUT... i can teach you a few cool tricks involving outlines, shadows and faux calligraphy which, combined with stamping, stencils or handwriting, will instantly elevate your titles. we'll also talk about and test-drive the correct tools for each job (including tombow brush markers and the letterman envelope template) so you'll get a sense of what specific techniques to practice for even more impressive results! 

hope to see you in september and october!
(full details on the paper anthology website!)


  1. Have fun, I only wished I lived closer and could book a class 🤔 however a ✈️ would be required by me .

  2. I would love to take your classes, wish I live closer.

  3. I'm a bit too far the bags, and your class sounds fun.


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