Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lots of Layers

There's nothing more impressive to me than really well-done miminalist design. By which I mean someone else's minimalist design, obviously, because of course, as we know, I'm pretty bad at CAS, lol! Luckily, sometimes it's fun to go a little crazy and really pile on the layers... and that's what I'm doing on the Eyelet Outlet Blog today! For this card I started with a vintage dictionary page and added layers of stenciling, stamping and doodling. The focal point is a Solid Color Paper Flower, to which I've added a little ink and even more doodling. Since the flower packets contain three sizes, they look even better when you layer them; and a Pink Flower Jewel makes the perfect center.

To anchor the flower and direct the eye to it even more quickly, I decided to add a diecut flourish made from Glitter Black Washi. Since Glitter Washi comes in a bunch of gorgeous, sparkly shades, and some patterned varieties, as well, it's great for making all sorts of accents. For this flourish, I covered a scrap of medium weight cardstock with neat strips of tape, then diecut as usual.

One of my stenciled patterns had some little circles that were exactly the same size as the smallest Black Enamel Dots in the packet, so of course I had to add a few of those. Inked edges and a folded glossy black cardbase later, my maximalist masterpiece was complete.

I hope you'll be inspired to experiment with a few extra layers in your next card creation, darlings! ♥


  1. A gorgeous dramatic card. Love all the layering of colours and patterns. Yes the flower is perfect when layered up.

  2. Beautiful card, gorgeous colours and flower, fab. job with the swirl.

  3. Ah, Lauren... the things you do with washi! Inspiring! As always, love your bright colors over print 😉

  4. Ah, Lauren... the things you do with washi! Inspiring! As always, love your bright colors over print 😉

  5. Hi Lauren, I've been gone a bit and am catching up. Love the new (to me anyways) blog header. I am also swooning over your pinky circles post from a few days ago. Lovely. The poinsettias are stunning and I am loving the stenciling on text background on this piece.


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