Saturday, March 29, 2014

the game of march!

i'm just squeaking in under the wire at collage obsession this week, even though i knew immediately what i wanted to make the minute i saw that the challenge was weather. march really is the ultimate weather month, isn't it? it is here in new jersey, anyhow. in the past month we've had temperatures ranging from 0 to 62F... sometimes both in one week! we've had sunshine, snow, rain, fog and high winds. all of this is more or less normal for march, but it does make it hard to plan your day. for example, how do you dress if you're leaving the house in the morning in one set of weather circumstances, and returning in the evening to something completely different? it kind of feels like someone's randomly spinning the wheel from a giant cosmic board game, doesn't it? yeah. i think so, too! :)

something else i haven't done yet this week is check out the weather gallery at collage obsession, so that's where i'm headed next. care to join me, darlings?


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