Saturday, March 8, 2014

pillow talk*

it's been a heck of a week in these parts. long story short: my mom had "surprise" surgery, which thankfully turned out to be a lot less involved than anticipated**; she spent several days in the hospital; and will be recuperating here at the bergoldplex for a few days... or until we know for sure she's just skiving in order to get first class treatment, lol! :)

so today's a kind of catch-up post, because i found these pics the other day and realized that i never showed the pillows i crocheted for nieces lindsay and riley in the course of the last few months:

lindsay's favorite color is purple and i really really fell in love with both the background stitch of the pillow and the big dimensional flower!***

you can see that i'm still SERIOUSLY hooked**** on granny squares and flowers...

...luckily so is riley, who expressly asked for rainbow-colored ones, which i put on the back! now i bid you a fond adieu for the moment darlings, and wish you a wonderful weekend!!! ♥♥♥

*the rock hudson/doris day movie was on tcm the other night, but for some reason i am hearing mike meyers' voice, ala "kawfee tawk" with linda richman! :)

**can i just take one minute to say, if you or a loved one is coping with a long-term health crisis, whilst also keeping up with work, family, home, etc; you are NOT getting enough credit!!! please take two hugs outta petty cash, from me!!! ♥♥♥

***somewhere in my home there is another yellow and purple flower center thingy, which eluded a serious amount of searching the weekend before lindsay's birthday. neither jeff, myself, nor a specially trained team of yarn-sniffing dogs could find it. so i made another one realllllllllly fast, amidst much cursing. true story.

****for once, the crochet pun was unintentional, i swear!


  1. love your pillows and am seriously jealous of crocheting craft I have not tried but love the look of...might have to teach myself one day...

  2. oh and I hope your mom recovers one like surprise sugery...glad you are there to help her recuperate!

  3. Hope your momma is doing fabulously!

    Those pillows are seriously AMAZING!

  4. Hope your mom is doing better. :) Love these homespun pillows! My mom-mom crocheted, and I never did learn how. (well, now that I'm addicted to cardmaking, I'm not sure I'd have *time* for any other crafts! lol)

  5. I hope your mom is all better. These pillows are so cute!! I love them. I want one! lol. Heck I want a dolly sized one. hehe My fav is the bottom rainbow one. Very cute. You are so talented with that.


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