Sunday, March 31, 2013

anyone have a forklift i can borrow??!

because, you see, we are moving... 
on tuesday... 
to our lovely ♥NEW HOME♥!!!!!

welcome home, lauren and jeff!
you may have noticed i haven't been around as much, for which i apologize, but as you can imagine, there has been quiiiiiiiite a lot to do between settlement and moving day! 

of course the very first thing most new homeowners do is paint the inside of their closets a very very VIVID shade of pink! :) :) :)

behold: CLOSET-TOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, yeah, it's a little silly, but i ♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥ it!

we've done a few serious things, too. the master bedroom, which has many cool and interesting angles, was a very pretty shade of pale yellow, that just wasn't to our taste. also, having extensively (possibly obsessively!) cruised photos of sloped-ceilinged bedrooms on, i discovered that having the ceiling and walls the same color minimizes the look. and since i knew lovely husband jeff would have to spend most of the last two weeks away on a pre-scheduled work trip, and all the pre-move-painting would be done by *ME*... (though, as it turns out, my mom has been pitching in like a TROOPER!) ...i thought we'd leave the ceiling white and paint the walls to match. holy WOW does it ever make the room look biiiiiiiiiiiig!!! 

since i refuse to go above step #2 on the ladder, i am "reverse cutting in" at the tops of the very high walls. by which i mean "leaving them for jeff" lol!
before he went away, lhj did one awesome "handyman" chore in the kitchen, which was to replace the very dark brown grout lines on the kitchen tile backsplash with this soft white. we like this look better because again, the lack of contrast makes the whole plane "read" as one fairly neutral surface. (for the record, the kitchen is the first thing we'll change when we're ready to do a "big project"; but we're emphatically NOT ready to do it NOW!)

our cabinets long to meet those of president obama!
my first decor purchase was curtains for my favorite room in the house! the one on the door needs to be hemmed, obviously; and the rods for the big window need to be both raised and also widened a bit, but i love the effect already!

say, "hubba hubba" to (restored) 1930's woodwork and flooring!!!)
one thing that did not need even a little bit of help from me was the flower bed at the side of the house, where these lovely daffodils popped up, budded and blossomed over the course of the last week, all on their own!

"happy spring" the daffodils seemed to say!
 if the neighbors have been watching, they are no doubt amused as heck to see a crazy lady walk round to the side of the house each day to see, exclaim over, and photograph these lovely flowers... but then...we've never owned a garden before, and it's hard to disguise how exciting it is!!!

so when are you all coming to visit? 
i'll go put the kettle on, just in case it's today!


  1. ❤❤so happy for you guys❤❤

    Looks great and look forward to more pictures:)

  2. May I just say SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? OMG, I want that house, or maybe one JUST LIKE IT. Maybe in Ohio. Could you please arrange for that?

    And I LOVE that you paint the closets! I do, too (eventually), though not pink. heh heh


    Sooooo excited for you guys!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. o my goodness, Lauren, how completely awesome for you! & your *new* house is truly beautiful! my neighbors think a crazy lady lives in their neighborhood, too, but i totally get it!

  4. I love it!! I love it all. Dang... if I wasn't so lazy Id totally be painting inside my closet right now!! I love how that looks. I'm so excited for you. The front is so pretty!!!

  5. congrats!!! so happy for you both :)
    so where is the craft room pics??? ;)

  6. It lloks like a lovely house...beautiful floors and woodwork. Have fun with it!
    PS Love the pink closet!

  7. Congratulations on the new house! It looks wonderful (and I love the pink closet!)

  8. I LOVE the pink closet!!! That is so cool :) And isn't that just the sweetest cutest little cottagey looking house ever? EEK!!

  9. I can't possibly say how happy I am for you and your hubs!! This is soooo uber exciting. One of the things we loved most about the house that we're in was the lovely flowers, too. Although I have a bit of a black thumb, I confess. But some of them I haven't killed so there's that. :D Congratulations, sweetie!! YIPPEE!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. So happy for you and your new home is beautiful! (I especially love those pink closets too! Classy and fun!!!!)

  11. Ooooh, sooo excited for you! Congrats! Such a cozy house, I love the brick!

  12. that house has the cutest outside evah! wow I love the look of it and it just rings your name through and through! we did the kitchen in our last house and it is a huge project, so save for when you have the energy for sure! enjoy it without boxes for a while first and then do the changes that you reminds me lots of our first house (we are now on number 3 and the final one until i am decrepid and can no longer do stairs)...we had all the angles ceilings etc too (It was a 1 1/2 storey) what you are doing with it...can't wait to see more if only our snow would melt so I can see what kind of gardens we have happening at our new place...I hear there is some swanky landscaping going on here...fingers much you don't see when buying a house with 5 feet of snow in the yard! those daffodils of your make me happy and it is not even my garden!!! So happy for you!!

  13. What a wonderful house you've scored for yourself! I love the bits you've shown us, so much character!!

    It looks like you're well on your way to making it a lovely and cozy home. Would love to see more pics sometime. :-)

  14. Soooo exciting! A beautiful home and you have already transformed it to more Lauren & LHJ fab style :)

  15. Wow, I love your new home and are so happy for you two.Having a garden is a big pluss and I can just imagine all the care it will get from you. Keep that kettle hot, and you will have long distance people in for tea in about 13 months ;)

  16. What a gorgeous home and love the touches you are doing to make it all your own!


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