Sunday, March 3, 2013

so what have you been up to, lauren?

very briefly and rapidly, in and out of new york city last sunday, for (amongst other things) the gutai: splendid playground exhibit at the guggenheim. (also loved "no country" and "paper like skin")

the shuji mukai-decorated bathroom at the guggenheim, complete with impressively color-coordinated model!
...and copying and faxing and signing and amending and emailing and delivering and comparing and negotiating and reviewing and rewriting and having notarized... more paperwork than i have ever encountered in my entire life!!! as part of the on-going, very exciting, all-consuming, totally tiring, home-buying process! (and yes, we do have a tentative settlement date now; if all goes well, i will be posting photos and blogging from OUR NEW HOME within the next month or so!) :) :) :)

pretty much every night of february-- a james bond film on reelz; as well as the excellent bond documentary everything or nothing (via streaming netflix).

this gorgeous sweater for my honorary niece's baby-to-be, who is due in june. (it's very slightly freaking me out, however, since it seems like allison herself was a baby, like... fifteen minutes ago! seriously. how can this be?)

don't worry, babies LOVE bright colors! or they're color-blind. i'm not sure which. either way, this totally works!

how it can actually be MORE work to assemble all of the documents needed for an accountant to do one's taxes (which, b/c of an odd real estate situation, we have to do this year) than to just do the taxes oneself??!?!

denise gigante's fascinating biography of the keats brothers (did you know that george emigrated to america in the early 19th century? no, nor did i!) 

over home decor in a big, biiiiiiiiig way. mostly via this highly addictive website.

don't judge me.
red velvet pop tarts. ok yeah. not proud of this, but my bff bought me a box and holy wow, they are yummy, in a totally junk food sort of way! luckily they are limited edition, and as with last summer's tastycakes, there is a strict "one box per household" policy. (well, there is in THIS household, anyway, lol!)

lovely husband jeff home, after a very long and very lonely two-week work absence. hooooooraaay!

so what have ♥YOU♥ been up to, darlings?! 
i do hope the month of march is treating you well so far! 


  1. That sweater looks so cute! I am glad I have never tried those pop tarts because I feel there would be a crazy binge involved with those. Same philosophy should have been had about the gingerbread oreos. Oh those oreos.... thank god they are gone and only limited edition. So glad things are going good! Hope all the house stuff is settled soon.

  2. So, in order:
    a)oooooooh! I love that photo!
    b) ick. But good in that it's done!
    c) Netflix...we just signed up and the whole family has square eyes. It's awesome.
    d) ! I love those colours! Brights are so much more fun than pastels for a new little one :)
    e) It's true! And it doesn't make any sense.
    f) oooh! That sounds interesting!
    g) well, yeah! You need to be able to put your touch on the new place!
    h) drooling. And glad that we can't get those here, because I would be eating them.
    i) that's a long time away. Welcome home, LHJ :)

  3. This lady have no excuses for not visiting your blog for a very loooong time. Yes I have been busy with schoolwork, but still not a good reason. Anyhow, I'm here now and I love what I'm reading. Congrats on buying a new home, that is exciting. I love the look of the sweater, great colors.
    hugs and kisses


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