Thursday, January 31, 2013

we *THINK* we may have found our house!

let me just say that one more time, because i frankly, i enjoy typing it, and i also enjoy reading it in print,

"we think we may have found 

yeah. pretty flippin' exciting, i can tell you. now, having said that, settlement is still quite a long way away, and in the informal poll i've taken recently of our acquaintances, almost no one we know actually wound up completing the deal and living in the very first house for which they signed a contract. huh. how 'bout that. so we're trying not to let ourselves be crushed if, for whatever reason, the deal fails to go through. although how one could possibly become committed enough to a property to be willing to go hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt WITHOUT simultaneously forming such a strong attachment as to not be crushed, is a mystery to me. but we're trying to be flexible and remember that when the house we think is the right house REALLY IS the right house, it will all work out in the end.

the other day my aunt asked me if i thought that after we move i will feel a bit sad or nostalgic for our apartment, and without really thinking, i delivered an emphatic, "nope!" having had a bit more time to consider this answer, i'd like to revise it... to an even more emphatic, "NOPE!!!"

of course, i will miss our neighbors, but i plan to keep in touch with them. i will miss the lambertville area, but we will still have plenty of ties to bring us back, and we'll only be about 25 minutes further away. i will miss being able to take my exercise walk outdoors on days with nice weather. i will miss having a GINORMOUS walk-up attic in which i can stow things for an indefinite period. i will miss being able to thoroughly clean my entire home in one afternoon.* i will miss having a landlord to call when something big and expensive breaks in the basement,** and i'll specifically miss this particular landlord, tom, who's become a good friend over the years, and whose behavior/management style is unfailingly fair, polite and ethical. and don't get me wrong, i am grateful that we had a safe, clean, inexpensive, convenient place to live all these years. but i'm ready to move on.

though, apparently, according to lovely husband jeff, BEFORE we can move into the new house, we have to PACK UP ALL OUR STUFF and take it up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy carp! surely THAT cannot be right??!?! if you'll excuse me for a moment darlings, i need to call the lawyer back and see if we can’t arrange to have that bit be the seller’s responsibility!!! :) :) :)

*not that i do it often enough, but the capability is there, which is a sort of moral high ground, no?
**when relaying the news to that gentleman, i mentioned that factor and asked if i could STILL call him... he's getting back to me... :)


  1. WOOT! Fingers crossed.
    I have to tell you, having discovered yet another leak last night (this time in the bathroom) that I REALLY miss the landlord...moral of that story being, don't buy a crappy house ;) lol. I love your attitude that it will all happen when it's the RIGHT house :)

  2. Hope it all works out for you. Good luck!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! Know how excited you must be right now.

  4. So excited for you!!! I am sure if this is meant to be your home, then it will all work out. I can't wait to see pictures :)

    Having said that, I miss having a landlord come when our dishwasher flooded our kitchen in our first apartment at no expense to us. Or change lightbulbs, update blinds, linoleum, etc. Having said that, our basement flooded last inconvenience to have workmen here for the next 3 days drying it out and getting rid of any mold that may grow, but it could be worse. I lost some old papers, scrapbook magazines, and embellies, but I doubt they will be missed. We have two large boxes of Christmas ornaments to see if we can salvage, but all the rest are in Rubbermaid tubs, thankfully. The worst is all the pictures we have not yet hung in our new house. It seems the only ones that can be salvaged are the ones I like the least. LOL! Oh well. I still love our new home, and thankfully insurance will cover most of the clean up costs.

  5. SQUEEE! Back in the day, or maybe it was because it was in the Midwest and house-shopping wasn't an extreme sport, I never experienced the whole "didn't get the house" downer. I sure hope you get it and you can PACK UP ALL YOUR CARES AND WOES and STUFF. Ugh, the worst part of moving. But then there's the UNpacking in your new digs. LOOK TO THE LIGHT!

  6. I am happy for you, can I start packing my bag for a visit now?

  7. Hope you got all your goodies packed up and ready to go! :) So excited for you.


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