Sunday, January 27, 2013

so what was in the big box of awesome florida thriftiness??!

they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and i hope that's true because i just don't think i *HAVE* the thousand words in me right now! so here ya go:

basically i found at least a little bit of practically every type of vintage-paper goodness i quest for on these thrifting occasions: sheet music, children's books, old sewing patterns, maps, a bit o' christmassy stuff, flashcards and playing cards; this time we also lucked into some FAB stickers and vintage gift wrap, as well!

miss gina most graciously packed everything up and mailed it, so i wouldn't go over on my luggage weight flying home! she sent this AMAZING card, as well, which i'm making space for in the area near my desk that i reserve for handmade treasures!

speaking of treasures, last year gina painted a pair of gorgeous canvas shoes for herself and i was soooooooooo jealous that she made me my very own set!!! and i ♥LOVE♥ them!!! want to see?

gorgeous or WHAT??!!! now i am even more anxious for summer to come, so i can wear these babies every single day!

another reason i'll be happy about the change of seasons is because the temps here in new jersey were in the low teens all week, and whereas i realize that my lovely canadian darlings consider that sort of thing practically A HEATWAVE at this time of year, i am just constitutionally unable to cope. i wonder if i can stuff myself into that box and mail *MYSELF* back to miss gina?! hmmmmmm... talk amongst yourselves, darlings, i've got measuring to do!!! :) :) :)


  1. Ooooh lots of lovely goodies to play with and pretty little pumps to wear too! Loving your card!

  2. Hey, cold is cold! Although yes, at the mo that DOES sounds kind of like a heatwave...brrr!
    Those shoes are DARLING! And look at all that fun stuff!
    AND, because I haven't used enough exclamation points yet, I have to tell you - I made a card, and I swear you helped me make it. I just totally channeled you :)

  3. it's chilly here for sure...wouldn't mind shoving myself into a box and shipping myself to florida right about now...or maybe i might have to build myself an igloo....great crafty stuff you got on your vacation though!

  4. haha !! You got all the stuff and that is awesome!!! I need to take a picture of all my stuff I got. I'm still itching to do something with the vintage gift wrap. Its so neat. Its beautiful weather down here the last few days. Yes ship yourself down and I can give you a shift watching Kane for me. haha He's a handful. My god... Now looking at the shoes with that light on them I know what else I'd do to them if they were here! I'll talk to ya soon!! :)


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