Friday, November 4, 2011

JB45: it came upon a midnight *CLEAR*

i know what you're thinking, you're thinking, "hey lauren! the JINGLE BELLES puns are getting weirder!" yeah. it's hard to disagree with that, but what can i say? we are, after all, on week 45 (of 48) and i can only think up so many good titles in a year, ok??! :) also, i love the this theme so much, i didn't mind that we had to stretch a bit to get there. so have you guessed what it is, then? perhaps the emphasis of *CLEAR* has given it away? yep: this week we're asking you to make a holiday card that contains at least one see-through element: glass, plastic, a transparency, some vellum, acetate or "ghost" shapes, clear stickers, lucite buttons... whatever you like... if you can see through it (& figure out a way to attach it!) put it on there and link it up!

here's my card:

(transparency: hambly; vellum: webster's pages; stickers: k&co; bling word: recollections; rub-ons: basic grey & making memories; adhesive: tombow monorunner)

i love making holiday cards--and even regular rest-of-the-year ones--out of transparencies. probably because i love *LAYERS* so much and the clear base gives you sooooo many possibilities on that score: you can use both the inside AND the outside to add interest, texture, and more cool elements! plus the "wow factor" of civilians wondering HOW you got everything on there is hard to beat! :)

the only thing i don't love about such cards is taking their picture! i am not a super-skilled photographer at the best of times and having infinitely more ways to capture a light bounce or reflection DOES NOT help! which is why i've snapped this thing from a few angles in hope you'll get the idea!

in addition to the gold snowflake transparency card base, i've got some holiday vellum inside the card, and i've rounded out the design with a few stickers, a couple of rub-ons, and a fancy bling word on the front of the card. i have to say i am pleased with this one, and can only tell you that if you like it AT ALL in the photos... well... it's actually much cooler irl!

so what will *YOU* do this week? go all out with full-on see through card? or perhaps more sensibly make a regular card and add in a bit of patterned transparency or vellum? or even just sneak in a couple of plastic or acetate elements?! remember you can use inkjet transparency sheets from the office supply store to make any of your digital files "clearly" more exciting!!! whatever you decide, link it up at JINGLE BELLES by next wednesday night!!! can't wait to see you there! ♥


  1. Love the prompt!! Fantabulous card!! Thanks for the oh so cute happy mail!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW!! Miss lauren this is fabulous!! Brilliant prompt too ...

  3. You are so CLEARLY creative! I always admire your acetate cards for their detail and hidden adhesive bits and bobs.

  4. I've been making cards for years and I'm still completely WOW'ed at how you got all this together. It is truly stunning!

    Hope you had a wonderful time in Hawaii!

    Hugs, Dawn

  5. Lauren, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this "clearly" amazing card! So pretty and I love the patterned acetate base. Thanks for popping by my blog! Hope you had a ball in Hawaii! :)


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