Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i know this one! I KNOW THIS ONE!!!

it's no secret that i adore my lovely blogging friend amy tsuruta. if you're reading this, and you're a paper-crafting blogger, most likely *YOU* adore my lovely blogging friend amy tsuruta, as well. she's that kinda gal!!!

so it is a bit of a shame and an embarrassment to me how INFREQUENTLY i play along with her awesome flashback friday challenges! she's up to #17 and i've maybe done like three, how PATHETIC am i??! but the truth is, most of the time i either just plain do not remember what my first (place category here) was; ...or... worse yet, it was from my pre-blogging days, when i posted to a gallery that no longer exists, and i cannot easily access the photo i would need. both of those totally bum me out.

but this week when i read the brief: re-post your first banner, i actually knew EXACTLY when i'd made mine, AND i blogged about it! CHA-CHING!!! i can play!!! :) :) :)

so here it is, my "riley" banner, made for the eponymous niece's 8th birthday in 2010 (ok, so admittedly not that impressive of a "flashback"!) and my original blog post (which has close-up photos of each letter/pennant) is right here! YAHOO!!!!!! :)

and now please join me in (slightly belatedly) wishing
the lovely
a very happy fourth blogiversary!!!
t'internet would not be nearly as cool--or as friendly--without you, missus!


  1. Oh love your banner. You're so so so creative!!!

  2. You've got me beat by 3. Yep, (hangs head in shame) I have yet to participate in an Amy flashback challenge. I love that girl too…who wouldn't? She is a sweet and thoughtful blogger for sure :)

    I remember your banner…so pretty and pink with perfect embellies :)

  3. Hi Ms Lauren, I always enjoy reading your post and seeing your creative projects. You know, you can always just make something to enter if you can't find it!!!Thanks for joining in on the fun at Flashback Friday 17.0. Your banner is gorgeous!

  4. {blush}
    You my dear are fantabulous...I'm sooo very happy that you are able to link up to the oh-so-fun banner challenge....and good grief, is your banner, well, banner-rific! Everybody has just gotta go see the close ups of each banner.....chock full of wonderful details!!!!! Thanks soooooo much for playing along with us at Flashback Friday!!!

  5. hey hey! I featured your fab banner on Flashback Friday today!


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