Saturday, September 10, 2011

PIXIE DUST shaker card

remember shaker cards??!

they were "HOT" for a while and then sort of faded... but i never understood WHY. i, for one, still love them, and i've never EVER given one that was not marveled at and passed around the entire room, with even the least crafty of curmudgeons asking for detailed info about the construction! so i'm still making 'em at intervals and today's pixie project is my latest version:

the TECOLOTE kit includes--amongst much other divine & luscious goodness--the elegant my mind's eye transparency frame with the brown scallops around the edge. it was the thing that triggered the idea in my head, but really, i just used it as an excuse to pile on as many layers as possible of gorgeous prima, melissa frances, and american crafts papers and embellishments!

hop over to the pixie blog to see more photos, other pixie projects, and the full kit; plus you can check out all the fun stuff that's going on this month... for example... this giveaway runs until september 18th! :)


  1. Gorgeous! I will hop over to PDP to see more :)

  2. This is the cutest card ever, I can imaging the recipient shaking up and down right now... fun!

    Oh ya, I so want to go to NY, but I just hate the long flight, and now that Clare is in collage, Dolce is alone, that make is super hard for me to leave.

  3. So ingenious to use a transparency for your beautiful shaker box, Lauren. I think all the shaker boxes I remember making or seeing were more "fun" than pretty so your card is unique and just gorgeous. TFS! xoxo

  4. Very cool. I haven't done a shaker card in ages. I think I actually only did one of them ever actually now that I think of it. This is totally beautiful.


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