Monday, July 5, 2010

sense of humor...NJ DOT has one!!!

this is a photo of the road (a moderately well-travelled state highway) about 50 yards from my house. i *SWEAR* i am not makin' this up:

the road maintenance guys were out here a couple of weeks ago, patching cracks with tar. (you can see the squiggly bits on the side.) i am not sure whose idea it was to add a little decoration at the same time, but i would TOTALLY hire that individual, because i think they must be fun to work with! (this is the ONLY non-utilitarian bit of tar in the entire 5 mile stretch that was patched; i feel weirdly honored that it is practically in front of my house!) ♥

here's a photo with a little more perspective:

now every time i get in my car to drive southwards, the road *LITERALLY* smiles upon me...and of course i cannot help but smile back!!! :)


  1. THAT IS AWESOME!!! Thank those NJ DOT boys literally for the SMILE! LOVE it!!

  2. ha! in NJ, of ALL PLACES! toooo cute!

  3. LOL TFS! You made me smile too :)

  4. I'm married to a Jersey boy and I'll have to tell him this, he'll be proud of his home state having a good sense of humor.

    Perfect karma for being right by your home, Lauren, you make so many people smile with your kindness and crafty goodness!

  5. Well, shoot! Nobody does fun things like THIS in CO! (yeah, yeah, cry me a river)
    Maybe you have a secret admirer? :D


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