Sunday, July 11, 2010

road trip!!!*

i apologize for being a bad blogger and an even worse commenter, but for some reason the preparations for a trip always seem to take me roughly three times as long as i am going to be away. what's up with that? and is it just me or does anyone else feel that way, too??!?!

i'll be back on thursday or friday and in the meantime ought to have reliable access to email, but probably not much time online.

have a fabulous week, darlings!
(& if you are on the east coast of america, do try

to keep cooooooooool!!!)

*i am not actually going to vegas. or at least, i am not planning to go to vegas, but you never know, right??! ;)


  1. LOVE it!!! hahaha!!! have a great time!! The trip planning takes forever, but I find the time it takes to "recover" when I get back from a trip takes the longest time of all. Have FUN!!!

  2. Wooohoo!!!!!!! Road trip! Man, if we went to Vegas we could have cocktails and get married by Elvis!

  3. LOL - love the image!

    What will we do without YOU???? We'll miss you, have fun...

  4. LOL! That picture is really too funny!! Hope you have fun, even if you aren't going to Vegas!! ;)

  5. If you do end up heading to Vegas, I'm (more or less) on the way for you... and I'll be devastated if you don't come get me! :D
    Have a great trip, girl!

  6. i'm so not good at preparing for a trip, so i feel for ya!! have a great time!

  7. Well, wherever you are I hope you are having a faaaaaabulous time!!

    (-: Heidi


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