Monday, June 14, 2010

heart the art: week 24 (doubt) & a SWAP!

this week's heart the art prompt is DOUBT, a subject very close to my heart...but not in a good way!

yeah, i'm definitely a worrier, from a family of worriers. i try to compensate for this by being as positive a person as a natural worrier from a family of worriers can be. so sometimes i am *VERY* strong and impervious to doubt. and sometimes i am a push-over. and i never know which it's going to be until i am in the midst of whatever worrying situation occurs. i was wondering how i'd sum all of this up in one 4x6" art journal page, when i found this illustration in my "cool things ripped outta magazines" file, and then the rest of the page just sort of fell together.

text reads, "Me & Doubt"
(Who is whom depends on the day.)
(materials: crafty secrets woodgrain patterned paper; magazine illustration glued to staples' photo paper to create a faux polaroid; copic pen; manual typewriter; colorbox ink; masking tape)

and now the swap, or rather *HALF* a swap...and sadly, it's not MY half...but i have to show you now 'cause i can't wait! recently, gina saw this cool story about art-o-mat machines (they're actually old cigarette machines converted to sell small pieces of affordable art; they are in galleries and museums around the country; the closest one to new jersey is at the whitney in nyc, just in case you were wondering!) and suggested we create a swap around the idea. since she is MUCH FASTER than me, she finished first...and the results are completely AWESOME!!!

ok, so obviously this is the card and the "art-o-mat" package gina created. the box is ATC-sized and handmade and completely gorgeous! but wait'll you see the contents...i swear it is like the TARDIS in there, otherwise she could never have fit so much in:

seriously, is that a "WOW" or what??! there are a couple of ATC's (including a fabulous PIRATE one!!!) ...some fabulous inchies...a hand-carved stamp that is probably going to be ALL OVER the next 47 things i make (just warnin' ya now!) embossed clay button...some cool beaded pins...and le piece de resistance: a teeeeeeeeny (1.5 x 3") hand-made art journal!!!!!!!

thank you thank you thank you, miss gina!

you have really reallllllly outdone yourself this time, i am blown away! (& i am very nearly almost halfway done yours!) (no, seriously) (ok, maybe more like 30% done...but i'm workin' on it!) ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. haha thanks girlie! I'm glad you liked everything. Yes I had to defy some types of laws of size in some way shape or form to smoosh it all in that teeny box! I'm glad you love everything!

    I love your HTA page. Very cool.

  2. holey moley...chock full of fun your doubt page...I'm a ginormous worry wart...esp when it comes to the kids..

    check out that RAK...fabbie gina goodness:)

  3. wow! amazing doubt page! that image fits your topic so prefect! LOVE IT!! and wow!! look at those yummy RAKs!! thanks for sharing!

  4. amazingly fabulous! you never cease to leave me in AWE!!

  5. I think you are the Dragon, most days. Fabby page. Love it. Very cool package from Gina.


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