Thursday, June 3, 2010

twinchies: betcha can't make just one!

this was going to be *tomorrow's* post...until i re-read the particulars at something completely different and realized they post a NEW theme every friday morning, so i have to get these in tonight to make the deadline!

anyway, their challenge for all four fridays of may was to make twinchies... (like inchies...but 2x2" instead of 1x1") ...and this week's theme was "crowns". for some reason, the lovely miss stephanie thought i'd be interested in making crown-themed items (go figure!!!) so she sent me a link! (thanks, stef!) :)

i had a LOT of ideas, but probably the strongest involved...for some reason...butterflies, so i went with a "monarch" theme, and tried it three different ways.

a diecut & some german scrap on a fancy digi-background:

a vintage lady with punched butterflies & a patterned paper crown:

and an inky machine-stitched silhouette with a 3d sticker:

those are my takes on twinchies with crowns. i wonder what this month's format will be? can't wait to find out! ♥

(materials: digi papers: landscape art #6 by anna aspnes & fancy garden edgers by katie pertiet, both designer digitals; vintage & misc items: german scrap crown, hindi newspaper, vintage lady illustration & text from a book, sheet music, dymo labels; patterned paper: k&co, teresa collins, basic grey; gems: recollections; crown sticker: jolees; butterfly punch: martha stewart; adhesives: uhu gluestick, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)


  1. Ok, now I know what i'm making tonight :)
    Maybe not CROWN ones, but definitely TWINCHES!

    I've seen them before, but you reminded me with your amazing little pieces of art.

  2. UG, and I spelled that wrong.
    Make that TWINCHIES.
    Or maybe I should make that Twinkies. Those are also tempting.

  3. Love all your monarchs. Is there a power struggle in your craft room now? Sorry. I just had to ask. These are so fun. And cheery. And I love each one. Now I want to check out this challenge tomorrow. (Like I need another thing to do!)

  4. Monarch ... aren't you so stinking clever ... love your play on words and playing with crowns ... these are fantastic.

  5. those twinchies are so fun!!!! love them all!

  6. OMGoodness!!! I love these!!!! What little masterpieces!!

  7. Very cool. I've never made inchies before. ooh dang it I'm going to be hooked on those too aren't I? I LOVES all three of yours. :)

  8. Oh my, these are so cool. Especially that first one, I love the background florals on it. :)

  9. Wow, they're amazing! Totally love the word play on 'Monarch', hardy-har-har :D
    Your blog made me giggle, and I'd be tickled pink if you gave mine a look-see (I know, a shameless plug. Sorry! Has to be done.)

    Much love <3

  10. How fun! I love a good theme twist. ;-)

  11. Oh my, these are sooo fabulous! Royal+butterflies=monarch love it! 2x2 has to be such a fun size to work with!

    (-: Heidi

  12. LOVE THESE ! Your wordplay is the greatest :-) Never heard about these twinchies, have to check them out too... Big Hug, eishing you a wonderfull sunday.

  13. These are truly amazing Lauren! I think the first one is my fave...just love all the layers. Although I like the upside-down music and the stitching on the last one too. Fun, fun, fun!

  14. what totally gorgeous twinchies - all so lovely can't pick a fav!

    Thank You for joining us at SCD


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