Saturday, November 16, 2019

Stamping (Somewhat) Snarkily with the Sisterhood!

I was extremely honored to have been named The Queen of Snark at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers for my Pink Halloween card. And the best part is that I get to be a guest designer with them for the new challenge which is called, "Q is for Quip".

Before I show my card I figured we should agree on a definition of "QUIP". According to a quip is:

quip [kwip] (noun)

a clever or witty remark or comment. a sharp, sarcastic remark; a cutting jest. 
a quibble. an odd or fantastic action or thing.

So basically it seems like pretty much any snarky sentiment could potentially count as a quip. Which gives us a lot of scope, lol! Mine is more silly than snarky, but it's a stamp my craft bestie Stephanie gave me yeeeeeeears ago and I don't use it nearly enough. Plus... it feels pretty quippy to me!

sinatra image scanned and reduced to fit my A7 card; sheet music, dictionary pages and trading stamps from my stash of vintage goodies; sentiment stamp: drs designs; flourish stamps: fancy pants;  patterned paper: photoplay, basic grey, craft consortium; plain white cardstock: staples; inks for edging: ranger distress; ink for sentiment: gina k amalgam; adhesives: elmers brand tape runner, scotch create gluestick

Since the joke revolves around Sinatra, clearly Frank should be the star of the card. I found the perfect image in one of the Sinatra bios I own, but since it's a very nice book that is definitely not for cutting up, I photocopied it, which also let me reduce it slightly in size. I built a background of dictionary paper and sheet music, added some vintage trading stamps and did a bunch of very subtle stamping of flourishes on top of the collage base. So subtle, in fact, that you can't really see them very distinctly, but it knocked down the bright whiteness of some of the papers and kind of ties everything together. I added the sentiment on nested label shapes and called it a day.

Please head over to the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers and check out the other "Quip" cards... then start planning what you will make for this fun challenge! ♥


  1. LOL that sentiment gave me a chuckle.

  2. Love your card, Awesome that you are wearing the crown so proudly!! As I've said many times before you are the queen of collages. If I did dictionary pages, music sheets and vintage trading stamps on a card it sure wouldn't look like this one. qa8W (Toto added a post script)

  3. Hahahaha - awesome. This quote made me laugh when I heard it years ago and still makes me laugh today :-D Such a great piece and perfect for the Q :-D
    Congrats on your TQoS crown xx

  4. You always do us proud whenever we throw the crown in your direction, Lauren! This is just brilliant, Jo x SoSS.

  5. This is an amazing piece of collage - what perfect positioning to get the Sinatra definition in just the right spot. Totally awesome

  6. The bees knees and the cats meow!!
    Simply awesome!
    Thanks for being our reigning Queen of Snark!!

  7. This is absolutely AMAZING! I'm glad you're wearing the crown ~your way~ with us at the SIsterhood! You know you're welcome in the clubhouse anytime. :D


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