Wednesday, May 28, 2014

stapled AND sewn?!

question: when is it acceptable to "break the rules" in collage?
answer: sorry, that was a trick question; there really aren't any rules in collage!

ok, yes, there are rules of composition, color-combining changes everying, balance is important, etc, etc; but to me the bottom line is: if *YOU* like what you've made, then don't worry about anything else!

case in point, i set out to make a stapled collage, specifically as a reminder that the giveaway of the awesome daisy yellow zine (issue #11, in which my "stapled collage" article appears) ends tonight, and you should comment on the original post right here to be included.

i saw that this week's prompt was "books" at the take a word challenge, and got right to work finding first the utterly swoon-worthy harlequin romance book cover (!) and then quite a few other book pages and book-related items to go with it. and i set everything up in layers that could be stapled together at just a few points, because i was making a stapled collage.

but then, at the end, i decided it really really needed some sewing, too. so i sewed, too! because who's to say that a stapled collage can't also have sewing, eh? certainly not our heroine, miss destiny, who remained silent-but-beautiful throughout the entire process. which pretty much proves my point, i think, don't you?! :)

and now i hope you'll scroll down and enter the daisy yellow zine giveaway, because i know you will LOVE that thing as much as i do... soooooo many cool ideas from miss tammy within! then head on over to take a word and check out all the cool artwork made for the "books" prompt! ♥


  1. I love your stapled and sewn collage, Lauren. Thanks for sharing it with us at Take a Word; and thanks for identifying my image as a Rosetti...duly noted!

  2. This is absolutely fabulous. Really great composition! And my mom used to read those romance novels! Brings back memories.

  3. This is great, Lauren. I love what the stitching adds to it.
    There WILL be stitching and staples on my ICADs this year!

  4. Lauren, that's great! Haven't think about to make a stapled collage but I love this idea! And I love your humor and will come back now more often to your Blog!
    Thanks a lot for your nice comment on mine.
    Best wishes, Manuela

  5. Oh yes! I love this to bits! Vintage is my middle name! Perfect collage!


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