Monday, February 10, 2014

semi-random enjoyments... and a winner! :)

first the winner. ok, no, actually even before that, i should do the explanation: see, it turns out, i had one of the "secret" prizes from last week's EAD blog hop, so i get to reveal the winner (drumroll, please?!):

so if she'll please email me at llaurenb @ hotmail (dot) com i'll get a tiny (sadly not EAD-related) package of goodness in the mail, asap!

and now the random enjoyments!

a lot of collages, as you know. at the moment, one of my favorite techniques is "glue and go" in which you attach each item as you find it, without considering where the next thing will go; it's a fantastic exercise in terms of working more "loosely", which is what i love about it; though not necessarily productive of beautiful finished pieces. definitely more about process than outcome, but i'm posting two recent collages made that way, just for the heck of it.  :)

a lot of old tv-crime-drama marathons: miami vice, midsomer murders, original law and order; plus bbc america has been rockin' the james bond and doctor who playlists. apparently, i am EXACTLY the demographic for whom they are programing; if i see that i can put on one channel and have it play all night, i will instantly drop my remote and become enslaved! (in my defense, i'm usually working on cards or collages and really only want background noise!)

voraciously to assorted audiobooks, thanks to my new audible membership and i-phone app. if you're used to paying i-tunes prices, it's quite a good deal. plus they have awesome sales, like the one this weekend in which several hundred "first in the series" books were offered for $5 each. apparently, some people may have gone a little crazy during that one, and sprung for 3 or 4 titles, including this (magic librarians!) and this (grim reapers!)! (ok, yeah, sooooo... it mighta been ME, lol!)

a lot of amy's organic samosa wraps for lunch. the closest you can get to a samosa, for 250 calories! (note: they are even better with tamarind sauce!)

the crimes of paris a fascinating part-history, part-true-crime title, that's totally making me want to go to paris even more than usual!

how much i miss this page-a-day calendar, and (secretly) (ok, secretly up til now, lol) hoping it'll go on clearance at barnes and noble!

clothing, sheets and towels any time i want to... in my very own laundry room! (yeah, we've been in this house almost a year and i'm still waaaaaaaaaay too thrilled about that!)

about hamsters in sweaters. ever since i saw this guy on daily squee last week. gonna need some sock-weight yarn, tiny needles and a hamster. STAT!!! :)


  1. Is that a real hamster with a hamster sized sweater? OMG, so cute.

    Love your collages...I really gotta use my papaya's all so pretty though.

    Yahooo to Sandi!!

  2. Yippee! I'm doing cartwheels over here! So excited to win!!!
    Love the glue and go pages....perfect and oh so fun!

  3. Fun to see what you're up to these days, Lauren. Love your beautiful collages and cards make it look so easy and I know for a fact that it's not. Well it's easy but it doesn't always look great like yours always do. Hugs, Kathy

  4. Ma'am...set the hamster down, and slowly back away! Too cute. I had a hamster (a sweaterless hamster I should add) who terrorized my cats. She'd break out of her cage and go for a journey and the cats would cower... absolutely convinced they would somehow get in trouble. Hmmm... in hindsight, maybe they let her out of the cage and that's why.

    So jealous about the having your own laundry room.

    Love the glue it and go method of collage. I think I'm wound too tight to try it but maybe I should try it to loosen up some. I'm having palpitations just thinking about it!

  5. Congrats to Sandi.
    Love the idea of glue it and go method, think I need to try that in one of my AJ books. I love the look of the second collage, it reminds me of an Art Journal page and collage at the same time.
    Not sure about the hamster ;-) but I fully understand your love of having a laundry room.

  6. ACK!!!! the cuteness of a hamster sweater is too much for me!!! OMG>>>>> so cute.


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