Thursday, November 21, 2013

another take...

...on the unscripted sketch, also from my journal; also using scraps of photos, illustrations, and foreign text. i think i really like this one:

here's the sketch again, obviously, i really like *IT* too!

i've been playing with the idea of a collaged or fractured landscape for a couple of months. here's a version i did ages ago, which is much more fluid-- and for some reason very wrinkly; it must date from the spring, when i was trying various brands of gluestick, many of which were completely and utterly useless*:

i have no idea why i find this concept so very interesting, but i do, so i suspect you'll be seeing more of these in future. consider yourself warned, darlings! :)

*if i had more time, i could easily produce a very long rant about this, but fortunately for the blog-reading public, i'm late already. however i do find it, as lady catherine de bourgh** so famously never said in this context, "MOST vexing!"!!! :)

**the eagle-eyed jan and jessi were quite right when they pointed out that my lady catherine link (directly above) mistakenly went to this silhouette cameo giveaway; on the other hand, said sweepstakes is open until nov 28th and heck, you might win; whereas lady cdb, for all her charms, is unlikely to be much help in terms of handcut titles! :) :) :)


  1. Very nice! I like what you've done with the sketch this week. Thanks for playing along with us this week over at US!

  2. So fun & funky!

    Fyi....your Catherine de Bourgh link goes to a Silhouette giveaway contest....I tried to find the symbolism, but just couldn't.

  3. lol at Jan - because I too was like "ok, Lauren has FINALLY stumped me with an esoteric reference!"
    I really, really like this. So funky & awesome :)

  4. What a cool page - really like your take on the sketch! Thanks for playing at US!

  5. Absolutely amazing! Love your style and so grateful that you joined the sketch twice!! Love your enthusiasm and creativity!!

    Thanks for adding this layered luscious feast for the eyes to the gallery as Unscripted Sketches!!


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