Friday, February 8, 2013

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

...but ONLY on cards, ok??!?! :)

like this one, my second go at the awesome "HO HO H20" prompt at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ suggested by our lovely guest star, miss linda of snail's space!

("paintable" paper: prima; fuzzy cerise velour cardstock: doodlebug; snowflake stickers: martha stewart; water soluble wax crayons: reeves; ink: colorbox; adhesives: 3m foam tape, sewing machine)
i used this week's awesome retro sketch as my inspiration, i was pretty excited that one of the seven or eight remaining prima "paintable" 6x6 papers i own just happened to have the PERFECT layout to let me play!!! i colored in their design with water soluble wax crayons, added in as many sparkly snowflakes as i could fit into those cool frames, and then went ker-ayyyy-zee with my sewing machine. all totally good fun, i assure you!

but the biggest coincidence of the week was not finding the perfect paper to fit the sketch. nope. not even close! for that one, you'll have to jump over to ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ and see stef's card, because there is no way you'll believe me if i just tell you! first let me just say that no, we don't ever confer about what we're making; and although i emphasize that she's almost always finished and uploaded her card first-- often before i begin mine, lol-- i try not to see it until i'm done, just so i WON'T be tempted to "copy" her, lol!!! :) :) :) (ps: while you're over at JB, why not check out the reader's gallery and start planning your own gorgeous card?!)


  1. Man, I'm preeeeeetty sure you're in the big blizzard's path too ;) Here's hoping for an adventure-free winter storm weekend :)
    The stitching takes this card right over the top! I love all the texture it adds!

  2. all the PINK!!!!

  3. i love it and it sounds like you had a lot of fun painting! love the pretty colours behind the snowflakes and it's too funny that you and stephanie did the same sketch.

  4. Holy cow, you can sew girlfriend! The effect is so cool! I love this card.

  5. I just love your interpretation of this sketch. Well done.

  6. OH this is so pretty! I love the artsy feel! Thanks for playing along at Retro Sketches this week!

  7. So pretty. That sewing must have taken awhile. Really good stuff there.


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