Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ok, who pressed "FAST FOWARD"??!?

seriously. because january just blew past me like a runaway train! and now here we are on the first of february, and i'm fixin' to send you all over pixie dust paperie blog to see previews of the new kit! how did this happen??!

well anyway, i am inordinately proud of today's project; quite unfairly so, really, seeing as pixie-in-chief kirsty v actually did most of the work for me by (yet again!) selecting the coolest products around and combining them rather brilliantly so that a papercrafter like myself is ready to START MAKIN' STUFF as soon as the box is open!

this month, the very first thing i made was a birthday book, for my mom:

there are loads more photos of it (covers, pages, embellies, etc!) on the pixie blog...and since it uses quite a wide selection of the lovely ingredients in this month's kit, you'll get a sort of sneaky peek at what's in there, too! ;) you can already tell from this that there's serious graphic 45 goodness going on...and some rather fab chipboard frames...if i also said "websters pages" and "vellum" would that interest you at all...?? off you go then, darlings! ♥


  1. oo can't wait to see more :)! love the g45 goodness! thanks for sharing and have a happy february 1st! *hugs* steph :)

  2. I think it was my husband. I told him I wasn't coming home til Spring So he must have hit that fast forward button

  3. Beautiful birthday book, I think your mom would be thrilled!

  4. It was me! I did it! I raced us through January.

    You're welcome.

  5. oooh looks so pretty ... on my way over to PDP ... Happy February!

  6. You had me at Graphic 45! I love their papers (right behind BG, but a close second with Cosmo Cricket...yummy!)

    Yes, it is Feb. 1st already and I haven't a clue what my teacher gifts will be for Valentine's Day. I suppose I should start blog surfing for inspiration, but first I'm off to the Pixie blog to see more detail on your mom's book :)

  7. It looks so darn `Gorgeous` Miss Lauren,
    So sorry I havent been over for a while but DEC/JAN have just been a nightmare for me:( I wish it could of been erased not FF!!!!!
    Anyhows your Christmas card is in the post!!
    I know I nkow I totally forgot with everything thats been going on at ours..and I know you totally understand that too....
    You could say "it`s the first Christmas card you got this Year" rofl....
    So sorry darlin!
    always a real pleasure to catch up..
    Enjoy the rest of your week my loverly:) xxx

  8. LOOOVE This!! I just love that it is so verstaile and useful as well as AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!

  9. seriously, right?! It's February?!!!!

    I adore your project...a birthday book...I sooo need to whip one up too...and an address one....love it!!!

  10. Beautiful birthday book!!!!! You are amazing!!!!
    Brilliant idea!!!!
    Your mom will be very, very happy!!!

  11. stunning!!! i am with Amy T....so need to make me one for bdays and addys........how about a tut on it??? doesn't hurt to ask, eh? lol

  12. Very pretty. Your mom is gonna LOVE this.

  13. This is so pretty! What a great gift for your mom. Where do you find all the time??? She must totally be in love with this. I wish I could see all the inside parts and hold it myself.


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